Flexi Hose (Jan 2016)

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24HEPS BLOG – Flexi Hose
Jan 2016


This is a blog post by us here at 24 Hour Emergency Plumber Adelaide, your one stop, online shop, for any major or minor Plumbing issue’s that happen to you day or night in the beautiful city of Adelaide.

We operate a medium size business that has concentrated on providing after hour emergency plumbing work in Adelaide.

A mid week phone call was received – a restaurant owner had just experienced a burst flexi hose. “A burst flexi hose” I hear you saying, yes, this is a hose that sit’s beneath most sinks in bathroom’s / kitchen’s / laundries or any wet area room in or out of your house, office or business.

In this commercial dishwashing application they get a constant workout.
The thing with flexi hoses is that they are out of sight. The old saying “out of sight, out of mind” is very relevant to this issue.

So, over time the flexi hose can deteriorate and because this is a hose that allows water pressure to pass, if broken, can cause major issues.

They arrived on-site promptly and found water gushing all over the place, they had to isolate quickly.

After the isolation, they found that this burst flexi hose was not the only problem and that the flexi hose beside this one was also ready to go.
They removed both hoses and replaced and tested.

The customer was alerted to this issue and brought up to speed on flexi hoses.

Another problem solved for an emergency plumber in Adelaide. Anytime and anywhere in Adelaide, call us for any Plumbing issue help.

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