Blocked Toilet = Party Foul

Hosting an event, but the facilities breakdown just when they are needed the most?

That’s a real bummer! So what to do now? Bust out the plunger and go to town on that bad boy. Well that’s one option but you risk ruining your clothes and what’s worse is that you may not successfully remove the blockage. Luckily there is another option that doesn’t involve spreading bacterial infection.

Emergency plumbers now use a suite of technology to remove or retrieve objects in toilet pipes. The first step is getting visual confirmation, that is done with what is called a ‘Drain Camera’, which is a system that feeds a high brightness LED and CMOS camera housed in a high pressure metal cable down drains, pipes and pretty much anything else. Once identified the plumber can use a drain snake / electric eel cutting machine or a high pressure (5000psi) water jetter.

Both of these machines cut through the obstruction, the earlier using mechanical blade rotation the latter high pressure of a virtually incompressible Newtonian fluid (namely water).

In addition to cutting through an obstacle in order to remove it, another device can be used instead to grab and retrieve the object if required, it’s a metal claw known as a ‘Golden Retriever’. Items such as a mobile phone or precious jewellery are good examples of items one might want back.

This is technology that is used by most plumbers nowadays. There are a lot of foreign objects that are adept at clogging toilet waste pipes: hair, toilet rolls, tissues and paper towels, nappies, kitty litter, condoms, tampons, make up and cosmetics, bath toys, mobile phones, generic household rubbish and other bathroom waste plastics. These common items are no challenge for this technology.

So if your success hinges on the smooth running of the event, call an emergency plumber, they’ll get there fast and have your bathroom facilities back up and running even faster. No questions asked, they just get the job well done.

In A Jam?

We can unblock your toilet and get you out an emergency 24 hours, so give them a call if you’re in a jam and need some help.