Blocked Drains Plumber Adelaide

24 Hour Emergency Plumber has your Blocked Drain Repair Expert in Adelaide With the right mix of latest technology, advanced gadgets and equipment, as well as years of experience in the industry, our team of Plumbers have got everything needed to handle blocked toilets, sinks, sewer and septic tank pipes, storm water drains, driveways, gardens, roof and down pipes or any other type of blockage.

Whether it is an emergency or an ongoing problem that you want fixed, whatever your drain cleaning requirements, you can be sure that with their impeccable record and wealth of experience our Plumbers can get your drains unblocked and in perfect working order immediately.

So let us save you from the annoyance and frustration and call us. We have blocked drain experts and they have been clearing blocked drains for over 30 years! And if you have any other problems with your plumbing at home, they can help with those too! They offer full guaranteed plumbing services in Adelaide so you can rest easy knowing that all of your plumbing repairs have been done to the highest standard with their 100% lifetime workmanship guarantee.

They offer:

  • Upfront fixed price servicing of your blocked drain.
  • Regular maintenance, with a fixed price maintenance agreement, that guarantees to prevent future blockage


They use specialised equipment to search and locate the cause of your blockage and clear the problem for you. Here @24 Hour Emergency Plumber Adelaide our Plumbers use the following specialised technologies to clear your blocked drain and provide a complete solution to any situation no matter how complex the drainage system and its individual set of requirements:

  • CCTV Camera and services.
  • Pipe locating equipment.
  • Water jetter and hot water jetting equipment for grease traps.
  • Electric eel.
  • Pipe re-lining.
  • Rootx and Vaporooter treatments (tree root inhibitors).


OurAdelaide Plumbers are highly experienced in investigating and clearing your blocked drains using an electric eel. This process involves feeding a metal cable into the storm water line and / or sewer. This cable then rotates to cut root growth and release the debris that was blocking the line.
Electric drain machines or electric eels are carried in each of our vans. These are more commonly used machines for clearing a toilet blockage or blocked sewer drains. It involves a steel flexible rod with a cutter on the end run by an electric motor that cuts & removes tree roots or any other obstacle in the drain. One of the downfalls with these machines is they do not have the length of rods to reach blockages that exceed 30m. This is where hydro-jets are ideal as they have double the reach of electric machines. Electric eels are far better at cutting out larger tree roots as they have the strength of a motor pushing a cable with a sharp cutter on it, which often easily cuts and removes large roots.


Using this method, a high pressure jet of water is sent into the storm water / sewer line. Using various different cutting heads, the operator can utilise the jet to break down roots, debris, grease and sludge. This is then flushed out of the line, making it completely clear.

Note: although the high pressure water jet and electric eel are highly effective methods of pipe clearing, neither can completely guarantee removal of the root growth permanently.

This is because breakages in your pipes may allow further root growth. These breakages can only be detected using a CCTV camera (drain camera). Using the CCTV camera they can determine precisely what has caused your blockage; they can even provide a DVD for you to view.

Hydro-jets, Or jetters as they are also known as, clear both sewer and stormwater drains. They are great for clearing grease blockages in drains as well as cutting out and removing tree roots.

The hydro-jet pumps high pressure water out of the end of a small nozzle attached to a hose and is placed into the drain and self propels itself through the pipe cleaning any obstacles such as roots that are in its way. The hydro-jets they use are trailer mounted units and run at a pressure of 5000 psi, which is strong enough to cut off a finger.
An advantage of the hydro-jet is it is able to reach blockages that are further than what a conventional electric drain machine can reach.

This often saves on excavation, as the drain is cleared, and an inspection point is not having to be excavated, for the electric machine to gain access to a closer point to the blockage.

They use jetters regularly on kitchen sinks, especially when they are full of grease, as the hydro-jet easily cuts through the grease and fats to allow the pipe to flow freely again.

Commonly, this cleans drains far better than the electric drain machines and is often used for more serious blockages.

It is important that you request the hydro-jet or jetter for clearing of stormwater drains. This is the best drain cleaner to be used in this situation as it uses high pressure water and will remove any dirt, leaves or silt from the stormwater pipes. Conventional electric eel drain machines are not suitable.

This is a very common type of drain blockage. Stormwater drains commonly block up due to tree roots, dirt & silt lying in the pipes.

Stormwater drains are the pipes that connect the pipes from the roof & the sumps in the garden, which then discharge to the water table (kerb) in the street. It is advisable when booking a job involving stormwater that you request the hydro-jet (as described above), as a conventional electric drain machine is often unable to flush out the silt & sediment lying in stormwater pipes.

After the Plumber has attempted to clear the blocked stormwater drain it is quite common that excavation & replacement of the stormwater pipe is needed, as these pipes may have a thin wall that roots can easily break & access. Our attending Plumber can give you a quote to replace the damaged pipe; however it is essential that he attempts to clear it in the first instance.


Using a CCTV drain camera they can locate the source of a blockage or problem in your storm water lines / sewer. This indicates to both the Plumber and the client what further steps are required. The client is provided with a DVD of the inspection. The problem is then discussed to ascertain whether excavation or sewer maintenance is needed.

They have a number of drain cameras, or cctv cameras as they are known in the industry, which can be placed down your sewer or stormwater drain pipe to see what is the cause of your blocked drains. The drain camera will clearly identify any breakages in the pipe or why the drain has blocked up. They find roots penetrate into the pipes once they are broken, as they are chasing water.

Collapsed pipes, misaligned pipes and foreign objects in the drain are all other problems they identify when they use the camera. In some cases, drain problems can be ongoing and require further assistance, this is where one of the drain cameras can help! The sewer drain cameras can pin point where there may be a misaligned pipe, broken pipe, root mass or other foreign obstacle in the drain, as shown in the Inspection Camera videos.

Drain cameras provide CCTV footage of the blocked drain so they can see the cause of your blocked drain. They are happy to provide you with a DVD copy of the inspection so that you can verify and assess the situation yourself.


Should excavation be required they use a pipe locator alongside the CCTV camera to locate the point of blockage and provide you with alternatives to correct the situation.


Are your pipes broken, collapsed or corroded? Pipe repairs can be a major headache but with the pipe relining service, they can repair your pipes without excavating, for the most cost effective solution. The up-front fixed price includes absolutely everything and even if the job ends up taking longer than expected, they will honour the fixed price, so that there will be no surprises when it comes to settling the bill.

Excavation in urban environments can be completely infeasible, in these situations pipe relining is the go to solution.


Do you have a drain that keeps overflowing? Tree roots in drains will grow back even after the drain blockage has been cleared. A 24 Hour Emergency Plumber Adelaide offer Rootx and Vaporooter root treatment services that are the most effective way to prevent future tree root growth in drains and pipes. They will use a drain camera first to see if there are tree roots stuck in the pipe and then can discuss root treatment.

Trees seek out moisture to sustain and grow. Inside sewer drains where there may be leaks or cracks, roots from trees will find any break in your pipes and can force their way into the smallest cracks.

Tree roots thrive on the humidity and warmth of pipe lines, making your pipes a great place for nearby trees. And once they have found a source of water in your pipe, they will continue to expand inside the pipe, making the drainage problem even worse! So tree roots in drains will certainly cause blocked drains, and once you’ve got them, they’re not easy to get rid of! The removal process can be difficult and time consuming.

The impact of root damaged drains can be small, resulting in gurgling noises in the sewer or slow flowing drains. However, if big enough, the force exerted from the root growth may cause a complete blockage on all drains or collapse the pipe entirely.

A 24 Hour Emergency Plumber have the rights to treat drains with RootX Sewer Root Control. Only select Plumbers can provide you with RootX, the revolutionary new product widely known for being the best way to stop tree roots growing back into your sewer.

RootX is the proven way to save money and avoid the inconvenience associated with recurring tree root growth in your drains. It’s a no risk solution, it won’t harm your trees and best of all, it’s fully guaranteed.
They can use RootX, a simple, cost-effective and proven way to kill pipeline roots in sewer lines, storm pipes and septic systems. It is non-caustic, non-fumigating and non-systemic and is classified as a General Use product by the Environmental Protection Agency. This product is designed especially to control tree roots and limit blocked drains in sewer lines and drains.

A 24 Hour Emergency Plumber Adelaide are also licensed Vaporooter providers, offering you a safe and environmental method of treatment for your drains and the tree. In the drains Vaporooter stops the growth of tree roots through its herbicide sustaining the life of the plant but removes only the roots causing the problem. Vaporooter stops tree roots from attaching to pipes ever again following the initial problem; its foaming action unclogs drains tree roots have blocked and vaporooter stops sewer pipe kills of plants surrounding the chemical action.

If you’ve got damaged drains tree roots could be the problem. Underneath buildings tree roots can uncover a lot more than a can of worms. Call us, with the licensed plumber tree roots specialists and they can fix drain tree roots, cracked pipe tree roots that have gotten under and the roots sewer drain.

The water jetters and blocked drain equipment can cut through the tree roots and then they can provide Rootx or Vaporooter which will help stop tree roots from growing back within a specified time period, based on the condition of your pipes. They can also provide you with pipe re-line solutions that use nano-technology which will prevent tree roots from ever entering your pipes.

Early Detection

To solve the mystery that is blocked drains we want to give you some insider tips on the tell tale signs will help you identify the likelihood of a blockage in the near future. Make sure you look out for the following stop prevent drainage disasters in your home.
Sewer smell or smelly drains
Gurgling drains and pipes, especially if your toilet gurgles when it is flushed
Small sewer flies in the area around the drain
Drains where the waste water is slow to drain away or doesn’t drain at all, otherwise known as slow flowing drains

One of the major issues with blocked drains is that you don’t have control of the situation because you can’t see what’s going on inside the actual pipe without a pipe inspection camera. Luckily, these pipe inspection cameras are part of the standard tool kit; they enable them to pinpoint where exactly in the pipe your problem is and what the cause is

One of the apartment blocks that they regularly service in Adelaide recently had a very unhappy resident with sewage flooding into her lounge room! It happened when she wasn’t home so she couldn’t call for help immediately. Unfortunately, this gave the overflowing drain time to cause a great deal of damage to her unit. Even worse, it could have been avoided; the resident said she had heard the drains gurgling during the week before the flood, but she didn’t think anything of it. If only she had known gurgling drains are a major warning sign of worse to come!

They have seen so many beautiful homes where blocked drains have led to sewerage overflowing and destroying everything inside. Imagine your living room, kitchen and even bedrooms flooded with waste! When you think about the inconvenience and cost of getting your furniture and your other belongings replaced, ignoring a gurgling drain or smelly drains is just not worth the risk.

So what’s the best way to unblock drains yourself? We’ve heard many crazy ideas over the years: a bucket of hot water, vinegar, baking soda and even crystals. Sure, they all sound like legitimate, fool proof ways to unblock your drain. But after a few hours, it can be a pain to feel like you’re still not getting anywhere near unblocking blocked drains after you’ve put in all that effort and time! That’s where we come in! We’re dedicated to help saving Adelaide siders from blocked drains. We have the most trusted Adelaide Drains specialists and they guarantee that they can fix absolutely anything clogged or blocked in your drain.


After they have removed the blockage and restored laminar pipe flow, they also provide a pipe cleaning service. They disinfect and sterilise the pipes, drains and surrounding areas, using steam treatments and a bacterial growth inhibitor to keep them clean in the future, they guarantee clean pipes for at least 2 years after treatment.

There is nothing worse than the smell of a blocked drain and a 24 Hour Emergency Plumber Adelaide can provide long term solutions to your drain cleaning needs. If you are having trouble with getting your drains cleared and cleaned in Adelaide we can help fix, unclog and provide relining solutions.

Blocked Toilet

Do you have a blocked toilet? Well, we’ve seen it all! The most common causes of this include objects such as:

  • Hair
  • Toilet rolls, Tissues and Paper towels
  • Nappies
  • Kitty Litter
  • Brushes
  • Condoms
  • Tampons
  • Cosmetics containers
  • Bath tub toys
  • Rubbish and other bathroom waste plastics
  • Roots in the pipe
  • Collapsed pipes (due to decay)
  • We’ve even rescued mobile phones

Whatever the cause of your blocked toilet, we have the right solution to fix it fast. So call us now.

We are available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. No matter the time of day or night, if you have an emergency or you just want a check up on the health of your drainage system, call 24 Hour Emergency Plumber Adelaide now and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable plumbing experts about your drain cleaning requirements.

About Us

Having more than 30 years of experience in the business, our Plumbers can easily help with any type of blocked drain issues, which has led to them gaining the reputation as the most recommended Plumbers in Adelaide. They will be there in times of need, whenever you require assistance to clear blocked drains and/or blocked pipes excellently and competently.

No matter what time of the day or night it is or in what part of Adelaide you are, if you need the reliable assistance of a licensed and experienced Plumber when it comes to unblocking your drains, they will be there for you. Their service is of such a high standard, that they’ve literally won awards for workmanship.

Our team of professionals will help you have the right support by assigning a qualified and well trained Plumber for your needs. So you will be able to be rest assured that your problem will be solved in a quick and efficient manner.

Leaving blocked drains unattended can cause a major overflow, leaving your home smelling terrible and full of bacteria! They have the technology, expertise and a utility belt full of specialised gadgets and weapons to clear blocked drains and clear blocked pipes effectively and efficiently, which is why we have the best Plumber for a blocked drain in Adelaide.