It’s easy to forget about how much we depend on the use of our kitchens. The correct and fully functioning operation of your kitchen is paramount. So when things go wrong you need help fast and we are available for helping any kitchen plumbing emergency 24 hours 7 days.

We are also there if you just need a job done after hours in order to suit your busy work schedule. We can help take on any fault fast and also provide ongoing support and maintenance. Whether you have a big or small kitchen, house, unit or commercial premises one of our fully qualified plumbers will arrive on time as promised, and get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Kitchen installs, upgrades, extensions, remakes or remodels. They can do it all. We have the experts, no one does it better than them.

They have been plumbing new kitchens for over 25 years. Need advice? Just call us for a commitment free chat. Schedule an inspection so we can fully analyse your requirements make a free plumbing inspection report and give you the right advice saving you time, money and pain in the future. They don’t cut corners, it get’s done right the first time to save you time in the long run. All of the work comes with a quality guarantee on the parts they use and labour. That’s why 24 Hour Emergency Plumber is the number one trusted Plumbing service in Adelaide.


  • Blocked drains and sinks.
  • Burst kitchen pipes.
  • Leaking / dripping taps.
  • Stiff taps and fittings.
  • Loose taps and fittings.
  • Mixer tap repairs and new kitchen mixer tap installs.
  • Noisy water pipe banging known as water hammer.
  • Pipe and drain odour.
  • Dishwasher installations.
  • Dishwasher hose replacement.
  • Cooktop installations..
  • Full new kitchen plumbing installations.
  • Repair water damage to kitchen cabinets and draws.
  • Plumbing repairs and maintenance to kitchen appliances domestic and commercial.
  • Water Filters.
  • Grease Trap cleaning, repairs, maintenance and installs.

We have the experience and reputation to help resolve your kitchen plumbing issue on the spot and back all of the work with a 100% Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee.


We are able to help install your new dishwasher, specialising in most brands and models.

They can even take your old dishwasher away (a Dumping Fee applies).
As well as installation of your new dishwasher they are able to do any plumbing related repairs on the spot to all makes and models.

In fact we have qualified and experienced repairers of all plumbing related faults concerning kitchen appliances and machinery such as: grease traps, commercial dishwashers, pumps, sinks, water filters, exhaust fans and vents.

Water Filters

  • Filters for your home.
  • Filters for work.
  • Water filters for food service and kitchens.
  • Cold water filters.
  • Underbench systems.
  • Single cartridge water filter systems.
  • Twin cartridge water filter systems.
  • Zip boiler/chill water filters.
  • We can also provide details on whole of house water softeners.

Call us today and we can provide you with water filter solutions for your home, office or commercial premises. Drink the water you want to drink today


A 24 Hour Emergency Plumber in Adelaide has years of experience servicing our restaurant, cafe, club and hotel clients. We can help clean and pump out grease traps and provide a maintenance plan to avoid breakdowns in the future.

They can provide chemicals and drain cleaners for the trouble free operation of your grease trap.

These can also get rid of the nasty odours often associated with grease traps. Or if you prefer a chemical free solution that is also extremely cost effective they can flush out grease traps with our suite of high pressure pipe cleaning machines with guaranteed high quality results.